Why Forge Of Empires is worth playing.

Unlike most medieval games released this year, Forge Of Empires has it’s ups and downs as mentioned on https://empireandgold.com/ where we talk about the good things that we love and the bad things we can’t but despite. However, Forge Of Empires has an ace up the sleeve, it’s been released for half a decade now, and it’s still going strong, the question is why and how?

The Devs

Ah, devs, the ones who decide the fate of games, then, now and in the future. The early access apocalypse has hit a lot of games and left lots of gamers disappointed. The devs of said games left their pieces of work unfinished, unpolished, poorly optimized and all in all not even ready for an early build release.

Forge Of Empires devs on the other hand have made everything in their power to keep the game enjoyable for new and old players, with frequent updates, graphical changes, balances and new worlds to play on, not to mention quests.

forge of empires continent map

During the last years, Forge Of Empires has seen a radical increase in player activity due to the quality it brings to the table compared to the other games in the same genre. I’m not saying it’s the most popular but it is definitely up there! Not to mention the endless stream of updates that the devs keep at our doorstep every few months or so!

End Game in Forge Of Empires

It’s time for that talk, you know, the talk that comes when your barracks are spilling full of soldiers and your armies are the size of a small country. The end game in Forge Of Empires is as complicated as you might think. You need to manage your Diamonds and Gold well, or you risk loosing everything, including your armies.

You still may be wondering how a game that is so old is still playable, after all it’s not like the graphics have improved, right? Wrong! The graphics have come a long way too since 2012, with many fixes and improvements along the way. The game looks absolutely gorgeous, as gorgeous as a strategy game can look in 2018!

All in all, Forge Of Empires is still worth playing and it’s gonna be playable for many more years to come, the developers don’t seem to slow down with updates and fixes, that means the game is on good hands.

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