The creation process for games.

You are here because at some point in your life, you have played games, maybe you still play games, but now you feel like creating them.

That is a good thing, more creators equals more content, however, very few of those do end up making games worth your time as the majority of people who start creating games are in it just for the fame, not for the long haul, like the team behind Forge Of Empires. Creating a game is a long, tedious process which can even take years.

graphics for resources in forge of empires

Before you think about creating a game, you will need to learn how to code, choose a programming language you think you might like and give it a try, if said language doesn’t satisfy you, try another and another and so on. Once you’ve got that down, you’ll need to choose an engine, a graphic designer, a sketch artist, sound director and many more.

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